Aeromechanica Ltd. manufactures gyroplanes and popularises them in Russia.
The company is an authorised representative of Rotor Flight Dynamics, Inc., the manufacturer of Dominator gyroplanes and world-known Dragon Wings propeller blades that are type-certified in the UK. Aeromechanica Ltd. offers the AM-1 tandem gyroplane, which is blueprinted from the American prototype and adopted for Russian roads.
Aeromechanica Ltd. has well-established contacts with Canadian company Rotary Air Forces, and offers the RAF2000 twin-seat, heated-cockpit gyroplane assembled from Canadian components.
Aeromechanica Ltd. personnel will teach you how to handle a gyroplane, help you get your machine registered with the Russian Federation of Amateur Aviators of Russia, offer you spares and accessories and provide technical consultancy services. You can take a trial flight from a Moscow airfield.

Contact Details

Address: Office 219, 4 Admirala Makarova Str., Moscow, 125212, Russia


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