Moscow Research and Production Complex

MRPC AVIONICA specializes in designing, manufacturing, laboratory testing, ground and flight testing, operation, maintenance and repair of airborne equipment for all classes and types of aircraft:
- Airborne integrated digital flight control and navigation complexes;
- Integrated control systems (ICS);
- Automatic flight control systems (AFCS);
- Fly-by-wire control systems, - Control systems of engine thrust and thrust vector;
- Electric and pneumatic drives for control systems;
- Educational computerized classrooms and trainers for technical training of pilot personnel and technical staff;
- Medical equipment.
MRPC AVIONICA is the only designer of automatic miniature induction components for aviation and other application fields:
- Linear and angular displacement flux-gate transducers;
- Synchros;
- Synchro resolvers;
- Servomotors.

Contact Details

Address: 13, Obraztsova Str., Moscow, 127055, Russia


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