The FK series, which began in 1959, is designed by father and son, Dipl Ing Otto Funk and Peter Funk. B&F continues to market the original FK 9 ultralight in parallel to a new version in composites. Latest products are the nostalgic FK 12 and FK 14 Polaris composites ultralights and a version of FK 9 powered by a Smart motorcar engine, development of which is being undertaken by Otto Funk's company Ecofly.
Work on B&F's new 900 m2 (9,700 sq ft) factory on the same airfield began in January 2002.
In 2003, B&F employed six people at its headquarters plus a further 45 at its Krosno, Poland, factory.

Contact Details

Address: Anton-Dengler-Strasse 8, D-67346 Speyer, Germany
Tel: (+49 62) 327 20 76
Fax: (+49 62) 327 20 78
URL: www.fk-lightplanes.com


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