Beriev Company is recognized worldwide for its advances in the field of hydroaviation. Over 20 types of aircraft have been designed here, many of which used to be in series production. The MBR-2, Be-6, Be-10 and Be-12 airplanes are well known all over the world.
Today, Beriev is involved in development of new versions of seaplanes and amphibians.
- The Be-200 is a multipurpose amphibian. Its main mission is extinguishing forest fires but due to its spacious and pressurized cabin without water tanks, the plane can be easily converted into cargo and passenger versions;
- The Be-32K is a land based-commuter aircraft;
- The Be-103 is a light six-seat amphibian;
- The A-40 is a jet amphibian that set 144 world records; the A-42PE is a search-and-rescue amphibian derived from the A-40 aircraft;
- A-50 AEW aircraft.
Development of promising super-heavy amphibian aircraft, WIG aircraft and UAVs is under way.

Contact Details

Address: Beriev, 1 Aviatorov Square, Taganrog 347928, Russia.

Production list

Aircraft Type First flight
Beriev Be-6 flying boat 1947
Beriev Be-8 utility amphibian flying boat 1947
Beriev R-1 flying boat 1952
Beriev Be-10 maritime patrol flying boat 1956
Beriev Be-12 maritime patrol aircraft 1960
Beriev Be-30 transport 1967
Beriev A-50 airborne early warning and control 1978
Beriev A-40 ASW amphibian 1986
Beriev Be-103 amphibian 1997
Beriev Be-200 multirole amphibian 1998


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