Central Research Institute of Automatics and Hydraulics (TsNIIAG) has developed systems for artillery device targeting, tank weaponry stabilization systems, homing systems for rocket booster complexes, power drives for various control objects guidance of the surface, under the water and in space, systems of highaccuracy missile control and automatic targeting. At present time TsNIIAG experts at high scientific technologies, offers design and production of the following systems: inertial control and extreme correlation guidance systems for ballistic and cruise missiles; electric and electrohydraulic control steering gears of various capacity; optronic systems; weapon telecontrol systems; electromechanical, digital and hydraulic equipment, computers and special software; fixed and mobile data interactive processing devices including visual information; precisional angle and angular speed digital sensors; energy-saving apparatus and medical computer diagnostic systems.

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Address: 5, Sovetskoy Armii Str., Moscow, 127018, Russia


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