ExxonMobil Corporation is proud to be a truly global supplier; providing Aviation fuel and Aviation lubricants solutions to airlines, businesses and corporate customers throughout the world.
Wherever we operate, we place safety, supply reliability, product quality and world class customer service as our primary objectives. We are the world's leading supplier and we will be the most customer driven with an experienced and international team ready to meet the individual needs of your business.
ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants represents the most comprehensive line of lubricants on the market today which provide "nose-to-tail" solutions for all aviation related applications.
In addition ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants developed and currently supplies to Russia, CIS a tailormade product to serve as a fleetwide Jet engine lubricant for the Russian Turbojet power plants and accessories.
ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants youngest activities on the Russian market include application of fire resistant hydraulic fluid for modern Russian, CIS aviation technology.
ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants are supported by a global staff of professionals who provide consultation services to the industry and their customers.
With far reaching global supply and distribution capabilities ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants products can fulfill the particular needs of its customers whether they be local, regional or global in scope.

Contact Details

Address: C/O Mobil Oil Austria GmbH 23, Argentinierstr. A-1040, Vienna, Austria


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