BURKHART GROB LUFT-UND RAUMFAHRT e K (Associated with Grob-Werke e K)

Company founded 1928; began aviation activities in 1971, since when has built more than 3,500 aircraft; name changed in 1998 from Burkhart Grob Flugzeugbau (formed 1974) to Burkhart Grob Luft- und Raumfahrt GmbH with light and heavy sections; light section produces sailplanes and the G 115, G 120, G 140 and G 160 powered aircraft; heavy section supports continued operations by earlier Egrett and Strato 2C and deals with space activities in support of Weltraum-Institut Berlin.
Factory covered area 28,000 m2 (301,400 sq ft); workforce 100 in late 2002.

Contact Details

Address: Lettenbachstrasse 9, 86874 Tussenhausen-Mattsies, Germany
Tel: (+49 8268) 99 80
Fax: (+49 8268) 99 81 14


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