The mission of the Research, Production and Design Centre Novik XXI century Ltd is to design small UAV systems.
The Centre's UAV philosofy is simple:
- AV will be used by many potential users;
- To be used UAV are to be cheap in production and use;
- An UAV is cheap when it is light-weight.
At MAKS 2003 the RPDC Novik XXI century presents a new UAV named BRAT (Brother) and UAV systems BRAT, BRAT-2 and Moshkarez (Moskito) on its basis.
The main distinctive feature of the BRAT UAV is its low weight (less than 3,0 kg or 7 pounds). Despite of its low weight the BRAT UAV can serve as the basis of the serious UAV systems.

Contact Details

Address: 4 Bldg. 2, Ap.123 Yaroslavskoe Shosse., Moscow, 129337, Russia


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