Aviaavtomatika Joint Stock Company

Main lines of aviation business of PRIBOR and AVIAAVTOMATIKA are airborne electronics production and development.
High level of developments and their competitiveness are conditioned by usage of advanced technologies, latest achievements in microelectronics and computer equipment.
Main products of the enterprise:

  • Stores management systems;
  • Aircraft/store interface units;
  • Airborne flight data monitoring and recording systems;
  • Ground systems for data processing and analysis;
  • Integrated real-time information analysis computing systems;
  • IR countermeasure dispenser electronics;
  • Accelerometers;
  • Compass systems;
  • Aircraft parts position indicators;
  • Display systems.

Conversion products:

  • Technological processes control systems for fuel energetics;
  • Electric drivers of adjusting pipes fittings for petroleum, gas and chemical industries and thermoelectric power stations;
  • Medical equipment;
  • Domestic electric appliances.

Contact Details

Address: 47, Zapolnaya Str., Kursk, 305040, Russia


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