SRPE Region is a developer and supplier of KAB guided bombs designed for deployment from tactical aircraft.
Region has developed KAB of 500 and 1500kg with different types of homing systems (Laser, TV) and warheads (HE, Clusters, Penetration) that can destroy any targets, including reinforced objects in the depth of more than 15-20m.
Being very experienced and highly qualified in KAB development we are successful in carrying out upgrades of elder KAB through modified homing and control systems to expand range of KAB combat usage and increase efficiency of warhead.
Region offers:
- Advanced KAB for tactical aircraft;
- Upgrades of Customers' KAB according to their requests within agreed time limits;
- Development efforts for creating prototype models of various KAB under Customer's technical assignments.

Contact Details

Address: 13A, Kashirskoye shosse, Moscow, 115230, Russia


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