Technical translation: aircraft building, shipbuilding, machinery construction, mechanical engineering, defense technology, weapons, techniques, electronics, hydraulic, chemistry and other types of technical translation.
Work organization: translator, editor, engineer.
Make-up according to the original text.
CD and hard copy of the document.
We accept and give out the orders by mail, e-mail, fax, with courier.
All the State Languages of the world.
Native speakers.
Negotiation and exhibitions servicing.
Interpreter for business trips.
Synchronous translation for conferences.
Urgent work execution by groups of 3-5 translators.
Directors and managers training for negotiations: culture, behavior, moral, priorities aspects, local protocol.
Guides: culture program, historical places, places of entertainment, business excursions.
VIP servicing

Contact Details

Address: office 601, 22 Marksistskaya str., Moscow, 109147, Russia


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