The Russian Technology Transfer Center (RusTTS) is the first Russian center for technology transfer and commercialization created in Association with the Russian Aviation and Space Agensy (Rosaviakosmos). The company's goal is to promote the development and utilization of the vast technological resources of Russian space-rocket and aeronautics industries, and other federal technology to private industry. RusTTC acts as a gateway for the transfer of Rosaviakosmos and other federal technology to private industry. RusTTS offers the following services:
- Identification and evaluation of Russian technology innovations, developments, and enterprises for export and joint ventures;
- Product commercialization;
- Technology Licenses;
- Analysis of specific projects and opportunities under present financial and economic conditions in Russia;
- Patent research;
- Investigation and appropriation of patents and copyrights;
- Technology assessment;
- Continuous monitoring and follow-up on agreements and contracts;
- IP management In this activities Center cooperates with the governmental offices, e.g.
Rosaviakosmos; the Ministry of the Property Relations; the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology; the Ministry of Nuclear Energy (Minatom); the Ministry of Justice, and also with the broad audience state, commercial and public organizations.

Contact Details

Address: 4 Bldg. 1, Makarenko Str., Moscow, 103062, Russia


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