SAMF (Shanghai Feiji Zhizao Gongchang) (Subsidiary of SAIC Shanghai)

Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory (SAMF) created 1951; now part of Shanghai Aviation Industry Corporation (SAIC); occupies site area of 135.5 ha (334,8 acres); SAMF workforce 4,630 in late 2000. Built small batch of McDonnell Douglas MD-82/83 airliners in mid-1990s, and produced main and landing gear doors for MD-80 series from 1979; produced cargo and service doors, avionics access doors and tailplanes for these aircraft. Current subcontract work includes tailplanes for Boeing 737 NG. Also built Q-2 ultralight.

Contact Details

Address: 3115 Chang Zhong Road, Shanghai 200436
Tel: (+86 21) 56 68 11 22
Fax: (+86 21) 56 68 43 36


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