Sukhoi Aviation Corporation is the leading Russian corporation specializing in development, manufacturing, marketing, aircraft support (maintenance and upgrade) and supply of associated spare parts and equipment of Su and Be military and civil aircraft. Founded in 1996, Corporation comprises:
1) Sukhoi Design Bureau, Moscow - develops, tests and introduces into serial production Su aircraft (including the Su-24, Su-25, Su-27UBK, Su-33, Su-30MK, Su-47, etc.).
2) KNAAPO, Komsomolsk-on-Amur - manufactures all Su-27 derivatives, Su-30MK and Be-103 aircraft.
3) NAPO, Novosibirsk - manufactures the Su-32 and the An-38 regional airliner.
4) TANTK, Taganrog - develops multipurpose amphibian aircraft (the Be-200 and Be-103), manufactures the A-40 and A-50 aircraft.
5) NPK Irkut, Irkutsk - manufactures the Su-30K, Su-30МK, Be-200 and other aircraft.

Contact Details

Address: 23B, Polikarpova Str., Moscow, 125284, Russia

Production list

First flight
Sukhoi UTB-2 training bomber 1946
Sukhoi Su-9 (K) fighter-bomber 1946
Sukhoi Su-11 (I) fighter 1947
Sukhoi Su-12 reconnaissance aircraft 1947
Sukhoi Su-15 (I) fighter 1949
Sukhoi Su-7 (II) fighter 1955
Sukhoi Su-9 (II) fighter 1956
Sukhoi T-3 fighter 1956
Sukhoi P-1 interceptor 1957
Sukhoi Su-7B fighter-bomber 1959
Sukhoi Su-11 (II) interceptor 1961
Sukhoi Su-15 interceptor 1962
Sukhoi Su-17 fighter-bomber 1966
Sukhoi Su-24 fighter-bomber 1967
Sukhoi T-4 (100) bomber 1972
Sukhoi Su-25 attack 1975
Sukhoi Su-27 multirole fighter 1977
Sukhoi Su-26 aerobatic 1984
Sukhoi Su-33 shipborne fighter 1987
Sukhoi Su-30 multirole fighter 1989
Sukhoi Su-32 fighter-bomber 1990
Sukhoi Su-39 close air support aircraft 1991
Sukhoi Su-29 trainer, aerobatic 1991
Sukhoi Su-31 aerobatic 1992
Sukhoi Su-37 multirole fighter 1996
Sukhoi S-37 Berkut fighter 1997
Sukhoi Su-80 transport 2001
Sukhoi Su-35 multirole fighter 2008
Sukhoi Superjet 100 passenger 2008


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