The Ulyanovsk-based Utyos company majors in the manufacture of avionics for rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft. The factory can produce 415 state-of-theart devices and systems, including air data computer systems, ground proximity warning systems, distant-reading astrocompass for strategic bombers, star/solar seeker, airspeed and slip indicators, altimeters, and angle of attack indicators installed in all Tupolev, Ilyushin, Mil and Kamov-manufactured rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft. In 2001 Utyos discovered new ways for mutually beneficial cooperation with developers of advanced avionics suites.
To fully employ manufacturing capabilities, the Aviapribor-Simbirsk Industrtial Association was established, incorporating Utyos JSC, UKBP JSC and AviapriborHolding JSC.
Also, the plant has started manufacturing electronic flight instrument systems for accelerometers, indicators and other equipment.

Contact Details

Address: 14, Krymova Str., Ulyanovsk, 432002, Russia


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