UralAviaTrans has been formed in the year 2000 in the Chelyabinsk area (Trekhgorniy).
UAT owns two Mi-26T helicopters, which are in the best technical condition among such helicopters in the Russian market.
UAT offers the following services:
1. Transportation of cargoes (weight up to 20 tons) inside a fuselage, or on an externalsuspension.
2. Performance of special kinds of works with use of helicopter technical equipment:
- Performance of civil and erection works;
- Performance of flights on inspection of high-voltage lines and communication lines, gas mains, oil pipelines, the rivers, channels and highways.
3. Liquidation of fires with use of aviation technologies.
UAT can lease Mi-26Ts to other helicopters companies.

Contact Details

Address: Office 46 5, Mira Str., Trekhgorniv, Chelyabinsk region, 456080, Russia


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