Founded in 1817, uraltransmash is one of Russia's largest engineering enterprises.
Its major lines of business are:
- Production, modernization and repair of 152-240mm self-propelled artillery systems and various designation military tracked vehicles;
- Development and production of civil engineering products, including drives for hose-type subsurface pumps for oil extraction, tram-cars, lift hoists, railway crossing turnpikes and bars, and consumer goods.
Over the past several years the enterprise has developed: the modified 2S19M1 self-propelled howitzer with improved combat performance, modernized MSTA-S self-propelled howitzer of the 155mm calibre (2S19M1-155), Models 71.402, 71.403 tram-cars with asynchronous traction drive, a wide range of lift hoists, and 20 modifications of drives for hose-type subsurface pumps.

Contact Details

Address: 6, Sverdlov Str., Ekaterinburg, 620027, Russia


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