The Y4K TelCom Corporation was established in May, 2000. The main interest of Y4K lies in the laser and fiber optic technologies. Products of Y4K (laser receivers, transmitters, multiplexers intended for heavy duty and use in multipurpose add/drop equipment) are well known in Korea, South-East Asia, USA and other countries.
The Y4K TelCom Corporation works in the UAV field with RPDC «Novik-XXI century» - the Russian partner of Y4K, the leader of Russian UAV design. On the Moscow International Airshow Y4K and «Novik-XXI century» present well known UAV GrANT with the Y4K Solid State Vertical Reference (SSVR). The SSVR technology allows to make the GrANT UAV more light-weight, more cheap and more long-life. The President of the Y4K Telcom Corporation Mr. Young Kil Hong is firmly intended to spread Y4K presence on the UAV market with the help of the Russian partner.

Contact Details

Address: 734-3 Sunggok-Dong Danwon-gu, Ansan-Si, Gyunggi-Do, Korea
URL: www.y4ktelcom.co.kr


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