MIL Mi-35M

TYPE: Upgraded combat transport helicopter


POWERPLANTS: 2 x VK-2500 turboshafts

FEATURES: The Mi-35M upgraded helicopter features enhanced combat efficiency thanks to improved flight performance, round-the-clock employment capability, and modernised weapons systems.

The upgraded helicopter is capable of carrying out a wider range of combat missions, including air reconnaissance with real-time target location and designation, by day and night, in all weather conditions.

The upgraded helicopter is fitted with new main and tail rotors, a new swash plate assembly, a shorter modernised wing with an integrated cargo lifting system, a non-retractable landing gear, increased-capacity external fuel tanks, and an upgraded power plant.

These measures increase the helicopter's hovering ceiling up to 4,000 m and its service ceiling up to 5,700 m, enhance survivability and flight safety, and render maintenance much easier.

EQUIPMENT: The Mi-35M is equipped with advanced avionics and night vision systems, including night vision goggles, operated at night with subdued cockpit instrument lighting; GOES-342 electro-optical system with a laser range finder, GLONASS/NAVSTAR satellite navigation system, electronic multifunction displays, onboard computer, and jam-proof communications equipment. The upgraded avionics suite enables ground surveillance (with 20 to 25m standard deviation), roundthe- clock low-altitude flights with visual observation of underlying terrain, take-offs from/ landings at unequipped sites, day/night reconnaissance with target location and designation, and attacks against ground and air targets in any combat environments.

ARMAMENT: The helicopter’s round-the-clock combat efficiency is enhanced thanks to installation of eight highly effective ATGMs, four Igla-V air-toair missiles, up to 10 S-13 rockets, the GSh-23 cannon with 450-round ammunition load, and improved weapons control system, computer system, and software.

On customer request the helicopter modernisation programme can be carried out in several stages.

Basic specifications
Take-off weight, kg:
- normal 10,900
- maximum 11,500
Payload, kg:
- normal 1,500
- maximum (underslung) 2,400
Air speed, km/h:
- maximum 315
- cruising 260
Hovering ceiling, m 4,000
Service ceiling, m 5,700
Range, km:
- without extra fuel tanks 415
- with extra fuel tanks 1,085
Powerplant 2 x VK-2500 turboshafts
Crew 2

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