Alenia G222

TYPE: Tactical transport


POWERPLANTS: Two 2535kW (3400shp) General Electric T64-GE-P4D turboprops, licence built by Fiat, driving three bladed Hamilton Standard propellers.

PERFORMANCE: Max speed 540km/h (292kt), economical cruising speed 440km/h (240kt). Max initial rate of climb 1705ft/min. Serviceceiling 25,000ft. Takeoff run at MTOW 662m (2172ft). Ferry range 4630km (2500nm), range with max payload 1370km (740nm), range with 36 litters and four medical attendants 2500km (1350nm).

WEIGHTS: Empty equipped 15,400kg (33,950lb), max takeoff 28,000kg (61,728lb).

DIMENSIONS: Wing span 28.70m (94ft 2in), length 22.70m (74ft 6in), height 9.80m (32ft 2in). Wing area 82.0m2 (882.7sq ft).

ACCOMMODATION: Flightcrew of two with provision for a loadmaster. Typical accommodation for 46 fully equipped troops, or 40 fullyequipped paratroops. Can carry a 9600kg (21,165lb) payload comprisinglight vehicles and artillery. Two Libyan G222s equipped for VIPs.


OPERATORS: Argentina, Dubai, Italy, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia, Thailand, USA.

HISTORY: The G222's origins date back to an early 1960's NATO requirement for a V/STOL tactical transport.
The NATO requirement spawned a number of exotic V/STOL concepts, none of which were practical. The Italian Air Force placed a contract with Fiat to develop its G222 V/STOL concept, but importantly that contract was later extended to cover a conventionally configured STOL development, which laid the ground work for the definitive G222 transport. The Italian Air Force placed a contract for two prototype G222s in 1968, and, after a number of delays caused by external forces, the first G222 made the type's first flight on July 18 1970.
The two prototypes were unpressurised and powered by two lowerrated CT64-820 engines, but other wise the prototype and production aircraft were similar. Design features of the G222 include its goodshort field performance, large double slotted flaps, barrel shapedfuselage, rear freight ramp and tandem main under carriage wheels with levered suspension. Much of the Italian aerospace industry wasinvolved in the construction of the G222, with Aermacchi building the outer wings, Piaggio the wing centre sections and SIAI-Marchetti the tail.
Almost all of the G222s built were of the basic transport type, although 20 G222Ts built for Syria are powered by 3635kW (4860shp) Rolls-Royce Tynes. Other variants are the Chrysler C-27A Spartan, procured via Chrysler in 1990 from Alenia to fulfil transport duties with the US Air Force in South America; the Elint equipped G222VS; firefighting G222SAA; and the radio/radar calibration G222R/M. Current G222 deliveries are to Thailand, which has ordered 10,while Australia is a prospective customer.


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