Siberian-Ural petrochemical and gas company

JSC "AK"Sibuer" is the largest petrochimical holding company in Russia. JSC "AK" SIBUR" main shareholder is "Gazprom" which owns over 50% of the company's stock.
JSC "AK" Sibur" petrochemical product range exeeds 100 items, the main ones being: LPG, MTBE, glycols, caprolactam, РЕ, РР, polystyrene, synthetic rubbers, tyres, RTG, synthetic fibres, textiles.
Its share of tire market is 44%.
The following factories are the members of SIBUR Holding: JSC "Yarshina", JSC "Omskshina", JSC "Voltyre", JSC "Uralshina", JSC "SIBUR-Khimprom", JSC "Sibur-Neftekhim", JSC "Sibur-Samara", JSC "Sibur-Volzhsky" and others.

Additional Info

  • Address: Russia Moscow office: 16/1, Krzhizhanovskogo Str., Moscow, 11
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