National Institute of Aviation Technologies (NIAT) develops and supports about 1,200 manufacturing technologies:
- Machining;
- Laser treatment – cutting, welding, hardening, build-up welding;
- Welding – electron-beam, laser, inert gas arc welding, friction and contact;
- Electron, ionic and flame deposition of coatings;
- Hydro-abrasive treatment;
- Casting - single-crystal, precision, burnt-pattern casting;
- Fast prototyping;
- Forming – bending, stretch-wrap forming, rolling;
- Isothermal and cold pressure forming;
- Superplasticity and diffusion welding technologies;
- Heat treatment;
- Hardening – thermal-mechanical, vibration, ionic hardening;
- Composite materials technologies - winding, laying, RTM;
- Mechatronics and control systems;
- Assembly;
- Measuring and NDT.
Development and production of NC machine tools and other equipment - 70 types.
Engineering consulting - manufacturing engineering, audit, feasibility reports preparation, manufacturing plants re-equipment, airspace normative documentation database and development. Production of food and perfumery industries equipment.

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  • Address: 24, Petrovka Str., Moscow, 127051, Russia
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