Lines of activity: aviation, aero-space, oil and gas production equipment, agricultural machinery, consumer goods.
We produce:
- Multipurpose AN-74 aircraft, light multipurpose AN-3 aircraft, modified from AN-2, its flight characteristics are improved in 1,5 times;
- Wind hang-glider;
- Cross-country vehicle on an air pillow;
- Light class carrier with the help of which automatic space vehicles of different function and with weight up to 1,500 kg are injected into orbit;
- Space vehicles of the system SC COSPAS, GLONASS;
- Knock-down plate heat exchangers for heating or cooling of various environments with the area of heat exchange up to 35m2;
- Expansion joint (bellows) for pipelines with diameter 50, 100, 150, 200 mm.
They are maintained in any environments at temperatures from +400 up to –200 degrees Centigrade and pressure up to 16 MPa;
- Pneumatic drifts d 55; 65; 80; 145 mm – machine for lining pipes, cable under asphalted, concrete roads without ripping-up of pavement;
- Module of preparation, clearing, chemical treatment and storage of drilling fluid; installation of winding, rewinding of cable of welling pump; a complete set of equipment for collecting oil from water surface; the equipment of system for clearing drilling fluid from cuttings; a complete set of equipment for reception water-coal fuel; installation for deep video shooting; vibrosieve;
centrifuge; pump; module for inflating of drilling fluid in a bore; auxiliary module; chamber for tapping clearance of carriages; painting – drying chamber;
abrasive chamber for clearing railway track carriages; machining attachments;
agricultural sprayer, vertically – rotor cultivator; vertical device of division and drying of fine fractions coal;
- Medical equipment.

Additional Info

  • Address: 226 B, Khmelnitskogo Str., Omsk, 644021, Russia
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