Tupolev Tu-334

TYPE: Short to medium range airliner

MISSION: A short-haul passenger aircraft powered by two D-436T1 bypass turbojets, each developing 7,500-kgf thrust. The aircraft is intended to carry 102 passengers at a range of 2,000 km flying at an average speed of 800-820 km/h. The Tu-334 prototype first flew on 8 February, 1999. The series production of this aircraft is being set up at the Aviant aircraft production plant (Kiev) while the Tavia aircraft production plant (Taganrog) and Aviakor plant (Samara) could also take part in manufacturing the Tu-334. A whole family of aircraft was derived from the Tu-334, including the Tu-334-100 base 102-seat short-haul version powered by two D-436T1 engines, Tu-334-100C transport with a lifting capacity of 9,690 kg, Tu-334-100M with a take-off weight of 47.7 tonnes and a 3,120 km range, Tu-334-100D medium-haul 102-seat liner powered by two D-436T2 8,200-kgf engines and having the 100 sq.m wing area and 14-tonne fuel capacity, Tu-334-120 — a version of the Tu-334-100 (-100D) powered by two BMW/Rolls- Royce BR-710-48 or BR-715-55 engines, Tu-334-200 mediumhaul 126-seat liner powered by two D-436T2 engine — a stretched version of the Tu-334-100D, Tu-334-200C 11,970-kg

Basic specifications
Length, m 31,26
Wing span, m 29,8
Wing area, sq.m 83,2
Empty weight, kg 30050
Max take-off weight, kg 46100
Commercial load, kg 9700
Cruising speed, km/h 820
Cervice ceiling, m 11200
Range, km 2000


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