Aerokopter was established on 14 December 1999 to develop light rotorcraft. It was briefly associated with what, on 3 May 2000, became the separate Aviaimpex design bureau, also active in Ukraine.


Aeroprakt was formed in Kiev in 1986, after Yuri Yakovlev, who had designed the T-8 lightplane for the Aeropract organisation of Samara, Russia, was invited to work at Antonov Design Bureau. Yakovlev then produced the A-20 Chervonets and joined with fellow engineer Oleg Litovshenko in an initially part-time vrnture. Established in present, commercial form in 1991. Retaining the 'k for Kiev' in its name, the company now employs only even-numbered designations for its aircraft, the latest to fly being the A-28. Company has agencies in Australia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Russia, UAE, UK and USA. Design and production personnel total 40; factory space 2,000 m2 (21,525 sq ft), although some production subcontracted to Aviant and Antonov. More than 100 Aeroprakt aircraft have been constructed.


Antonov ASTC was founded in 1946 by the eminent aircraft designer Oleg Antonov.
More than one hundred types and modifications of aircraft of various purposes have been designed since the date of the company's foundation. All in all more than 22,000 aircraft have been built. Over one and a half thousand Antonov aircraft have been exported to more than 50 countries all over the world. Recently, regional aircraft AN-140 and AN-47TK-300, super heavy transporter AN-225 Mriya entered operation. At present, multipurpose aircraft AN-38-200 and medium military transporter AN-70 are being tested, AN-124-100 Ruslan is being developed. The AN-148 regional jet intended for carrying out 70-80 passengers is being designed.
Nowadays the ANTONOV ASTC is engaged in designing the new aircraft and developing the modifications of the aircraft of earlier designs, providing the operational support, engineering work on the aircraft service life extension, training the flight and maintenance crews, international air transportation of cargoes. The high-skilled specialists of ASTC render the assistance by training the local personnel, participate in the international cooperation of the aircraft/equipment design and manufacture.
Russian Federation is a strategic partner of Antonov ASTC. Antonov company creates its aircraft in a wide cooperation with enterprises of this country. A lot of Antonov aircraft are being manufactured at aviation plants of RF. ASTC shares experience in field of advanced technologies and scientific ideas with its partners.


Arsenal State Enterprise Plant counts its history from Military Artillery State Enterprise of Kiev's Garrison since 1764. The history of Arsenal SE Plant as optical facility began in the middle of the last century. At present Arsenal SE Plant is one of leading and is busiest company in Ukraine in the field of optical and optoelectronic industry. It has well-developed manufacturing infrastructure, starting from preparation facilities and up to scientifically supplied stages of production of optical and optoelectronic devices, including assembling, tunings of accurate optical devices and systems, as well as fulfillment of all groups of tests. Arsenal SE Plant does guarantee and postguarantee service of own production and is looking for work with application of modern technologies.

Avia-Composite designs and produces ultra-light airplanes, spare parts for ULAs and boats. Our firm offers new model of the two-seat MAGIOGC airplane, which is the advanced upgrade of the GEPARD airplane made in 1992.
This airplane was designed in accordance with the JAR-ULA international standard and features excellent flying and technical characteristics, simplicity and convenience of control, reliability and comfort. For parking and transportations of the air plane - \mg and tail plant puts lengthways fuselage by the special rotary mechanism without disassembly of elements of structure and сontrol.

The company is the only enterprise in Ukraine specializing in design and manufacturing of air data systems and altimeters.
Altimeters UVKD, VEM-72, VB-1 and air data systems SVS-72 are installed on all airplanes produced in CIS countries.
Aviacontrol JSC designed new avionics– MVP-1-1, UVK-1M-PB, UVK-1F-PB, IKVSP-140 and others, that meet RVSM requirements and are installed on AN-140, AN-74TK-300, AN-38.
Avionics produced by Aviacontrol JSC have Appliance Design Approval issued by IAC.
The company in co-operation with Avionika JSC is designing equipment for AN-148 new regional jet. Aviacontrol JSC is a scientific organization (Certificate of Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine) and is member of Ukraviaprom association.


Aviation division of TVT Corporation formed to introduce helicopter design and production to Ukraine. Initial liaison with Aerokopter Ltd of Poltava (formed 14 December 1999); however, on 3 May 2000 Aerokopter design bureau divided and both elements became autonomous.
Future plans include an eight-seat, turbine-powered helicopter.


Currently, the Aviant plant is engaged in manufacturing of:
- An-124-100 heavy wide-body transport aircraft capable of lifting up to 120t;
- Tu-334-100 short-haul airliner capable of carrying 102 passengers;
- An-70 medium-haul wide-body transport aircraft capable of lifting up to 47t;
- An-32-100 multipurpose transport aircraft with increased take-off weight of 28.5t, greater payload of 7.5t, AI-20D 5М engines with 20,000 hours of service life, and avionics produced by CIS nations.
The baseline An-32-100 aircraft can be modified into:
- An-32-110/120 with improved avionics of the CIS origin (featuring both metric and imperial measuring systems), two pilots;
- An-32-200 with avionics manufactured by leading western companies, two pilots.
Special-purpose An-3211 fire-fighting aircraft (easily convertible into a multipurpose transport configuration).
Aviant is commencing upgrade of the An-2 plane, replacing the 1,000hp ASh-62 piston engine with the 1,500hp VK-1500S turboprop.
Moreover, the plant manufactures K-series trolleybuses featuring long service life of up to 18 years and cabins of aluminium alloys that require no overhauls.

Avionica JSC was founded in 1993 and after 10 years of continuous evolution takes leading position in aviation industry of Ukraine.
The activity directions:
- Designing of avionics;
- Manufacturing, repair, maintenance and selling of avionics;
- Upgrade and installation of flight control, navigational and communication equipment in accordance with national and ICAO requirements;
- Supply of special equipment for airplanes and helicopters maintenance and repair;
- Components and spare parts supply for all types of aircrafts produced in CIS countries.
Avionika JSC is participating in development of new ASTC «Antonov» project – regional jet An-148. The company was certified by Ukrainian CAA. Avionika JSC is member of Ukraviaprom Association.


Elektronprylad JSC primarily specialises in development, production, installation and modernisation of:
- Aircraft and engine control equipment;
- Aircraft fuel management systems;
- Aircraft LCDs;
- Aircraft flight data recording systems and ground flight data processing systems with specialised service pack;
- Special-purpose chemical power supply sources.

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