South Africa


The Atlas Aircraft Corporation of South Africa (also known as Atlas Aviation) was established in 1965 to manufacture a number of sophisticated military aircraft and avionics equipment for the South African Air Force, as well as for export. It was established primarily to circumvent an international arms embargo commenced in 1963 against the South African government because of its Apartheid policies.
With the establishment in 1968 of the South African government-owned conglomerate named Armscor (Armaments Corporation of South Africa), the Atlas Aircraft Corporation was also brought under Armscor's control.
In 1992 Atlas was absorbed into a new entity known as Denel, becoming part of Denel Aviation.

DENEL AVIATION (Division of Denel (Pty) Ltd)

Denel (Pty) Limited is the largest manufacturer of defence equipment in South Africa and operates in the military aerospace and landward defence environment. Incorporated as a private company in 1992 in terms of the South African Companies Act (No 62 of 1973), Denel’s sole shareholder is the South African Government. The Minister for Public Enterprises appoints an independent Board of Directors that oversees the executive management team which is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company.


The company's first aircraft flew in Dcember 2002 and is now available as a kit.


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